Invisible Mannequin Photography and Editing

High Quality Photo Retouching Services increase the sales of clothing by creating gorgeous, quality photos that educate the customer on the product. In business and sales, a professional photograph says more than a thousand words. It creates visuals and images in the minds of the customers. In the fashion and clothing industries a professionally photographed and designed photo of the product sells the product better than any other form of advertising.

Apparel Retouching Services includes Ghost Mannequin or Hollow man retouching technique used to create display clothing for sale either in catalogs or on the Internet. The resulting photo displays clothing in a 3D setting pasted onto a clean white background. The results allow customers to get a sense of what the clothing items look like on a person without the distraction of a model or mannequin. The technique creates a better picture and feel of the material, cut, and style of the clothing item. Through the use of shape and lighting, the hollow man picture tends to give the clothing more appeal with a softened glow, both enticing and educating the customer.

The first steps, of Apparel Retouching, involved in this process, include taking two photos of the same clothing item. The first photograph should be taken with the clothing placed on an appropriate mannequin, either man, woman, or child. The second photo, taken in the same lighting, needs to get the inside of the clothing with the tag centered and showing. The two photos are then put together in a photo editing program, such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements.

When completing the first picture, the photographer needs to neatly place the clothing item on the mannequin, making sure the arms or legs are level. One arm or leg placed more forward than the other changes the perspective of the piece of clothing in the photograph, and may distort the look of the garment.. The photographer should pull down the clothing tightly on the mannequin to smooth out wrinkles and decrease shadows in the picture. The mannequin must be placed in front of a solid, light colored background in full and professional lighting.

The second picture needs to be taken in the same lighting and background to assure that the colors and shadows present the same. With the second picture, the photographer hangs the clothing flat to get a photograph of the inside of the garment. Now the parts of the garment that the mannequin obscured in the first photo appear in the second. With all parts of the clothing pictured, the photographer has what is necessary to give the finished photograph that 3D look and clearly display the brand information on the tag.

With two professional photos ready for use, graphic designers can begin putting the two photographs into one, in seamless form, known as Product Photo Retouching. They begin with the first photo, or mannequin photo. Using the pen tool, they create a pathway around the garment. That allows them to remove the mannequin from the garment and place it on a stark white background. The result will be a 3D picture without the backside of the neck, if it is a shirt or dress, or without the backside of the waist, if it is pants, shorts, or a skirt.

The next step involves joining the backside of the neck or waist, with the tag centered to the clothing item. Graphic designers manage this problem by placing the second photo behind the cut out of the first. The designer must resize the second photo to the exact size of the first. Then fit it perfectly end to end, assuring that there are no seams and no overlapping between the two photos. The graphic designer must adjust the tilt of the second photograph with the first. Again, using the pen tool, a new pathway is etched out. Then the graphic designer removes the unnecessary parts of the second photo revealing the same stark white background.

Once the two pictures match perfectly to look like one seamless photo, the Photo Retouching Services can then use the other Photoshop tools to increase the shadows on the garment giving that perfectly lit professional looking appeal that customers love.

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