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Photo Retouching Services

Photo retouching service is the process to enhance image quality and make it more attractive by removing unwanted elements with the help of Photoshop professionals. It is similar to a movie where lot of post production likes editing; voice modulation and special effects are done before the release in the theatres. When the same post production work happens on an image before it’s publishes online or in a magazine.

Digi5 Studios provides high quality bulk image editing, photo masking, clipping path and graphic design with personalized support that suit every kind of customer. Our services include advance photo masking, color adjustments, repairing scratches, balancing the brightness and contrast and high quality photo compositing of digital images. We are in this business for over 7 years with a big team of highly skilled image editors and graphic designers who can produces high end quality work. We serve the whole gamut of professional photo retouching services like Product Retouching, Clipping Paths, Fashion Retouching, Automotive Retouching and Real Estate Retouching Services.

Our Retouching Service Features

Data Security:

Raw Images from the client will never leave our premises under any circumstance or be shared without permission. We guarantee 100% safety.

Creative Ideas:

Our impressive creativity is what sets us apart from the rest. Expert ideas and brilliant execution are our trademarks.

Email Notifications:

We keep in touch. Be ready to receive constant email updates with the status of your projects.

High Quality Service:

We are in the service industry. Quick, Perfect, Easy to work with, professional – are few of the keywords our clients often associate us with.

Free Sample:

We don’t believe in hitting bulls-eye in the dark. Ask for free samples and we shall deliver those free of cost.

Consistent Results:

Our consistency brings our clients back to us time and again. From our first project to the current one, our quality of work has only gotten better.


Why we are the Best Image Editing Company?

We are not just any other ordinary image editing Company. We are here to make a difference and change the face of photo presentation online.

Digi5 Studios is a group of highly skilled and experienced artists which take your pictures to just another level of excellence. We have a large and varied pool of highly skilled resources that could be assigned according to any project specification. Our work timings are super flexible which enable us to adapt and deliver projects within the deadlines requested by the clients.

We are experts in high quality image editing, color correction, body modifications, Clipping paths and masking, image manipulation, compositing, creation of shadows and reflections, cleaning of dust, sharpening, background replacement etc. Our image edotors use the latest software’s and techniques going around when it comes to Photo Retouching which is backed up by a powerful infrastructure which includes high speed internet lines, backup power generators, high end computers, firewalls and other measures for image security and privacy.


Our Professional Photo Retouching Services

Our photo retouching services are highly specialized and we are experts in all forms of Photo editing. These include:

  • Clipping Paths and Masking of the photos
  • Color and Exposure Correction of images
  • Portrait Retouching: Eye-Bag and Wrinkle Removal, Skin Smoothening, Teeth Whitening
  • Fashion Retouching : Body Shaping, Removing Flyaway's, Contouring
  • E-Commerce Product Retouching : Shadow and reflection creation, Dust Cleaning, Tint Removal
  • Automotive Retouching : Background Creation, Color Correction, Removal of Unwanted elements
  • Architectural Retouching : Perspective Correction, Removal of Wires, HDR
  • Image manipulation
  • Image Restoration

Why Digi5 Studios?

There are many things to gain when you outsource your Photo Retouching work to us.

  • You can simply focus on shooting the images in a studio or outdoors and leave the rest to us. Save money and time on buying and learning sophisticated Photo editing software’s.
  • We work round the clock and have very flexible timings. This results in a very quick turnaround. Send us pictures in the evening and they would be ready when you come to the office next morning.
  • Pool of highly experienced photo editor’s work on your images. We have inside out knowledge of the kind of images, processes and parameters needed to submit images online e.g. Amazon, E-bay etc.

All this results in you saving a lot of time and money. You can put all your effort in developing your business.



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