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Photo Retouching Services & Professional Photo Editing Services

We are amongst the most professional companies when it comes to eCommerce Photo editing Services in India. An overall experience of 13 years coupled with advanced technology and artificial intelligence make us one of the most sought-after companies for E-Commerce and Fashion Retouching.

Our Photo Retouching Services are available round the clock at the most competitive pricing along with superfast turnaround customized as per customer requirements. Do give us a chance to showcase our quality by sending us some samples. These will be processed free of cost as per your specifications.



Photo Manipulation and Compositing Services

This involves combining various components to achieve a realistic composition. This is generally done for creative agencies as well as ecommerce companies. Our price start at 0.75 USD per image. This includes:

  1. Element search
  2. Matching Colours
  3. Fitting of elements inside a composition
  4. Concept Creation
  5. Removal of Unwanted Elements
photo manipulation photo manipulation


Product Photo Retouching Services

Gaining visual attention is the topmost priority for any e-commerce business selling its product online. Digi5 Studios provides excellent product retouching services to convert ordinary studio shot images into a work of art with perfect colours, no distortion and realistic shadows or reflections. We also do advance editing like creating ghost mannequins, alpha masking of complex images.Our price starts at 0.25 USD Per Image.Product Retouching includes:

  1. Background Removal
  2. Creating realistic reflection and shadows
  3. Cleaning of dust, fingerprints etc
  4. Product alignment and fitting
  5. Color Correction
  6. Ghost Mannequin Creation
product retouching product retouching


Automotive Photo Retouching Services

We can’t make a car pose for a photo. Instead through our Automotive Retouching Services we create an environment where the focus is entirely on an automobile. We replace cluttered backgrounds with dealer branding, enhance the colours, sharpen the images, clear the roads of any distraction, and create realistic shadows. Experts at Digi5 Studios although still can’t make a car pose but we can certainly make it look very good. Price starts at 0.20 USD Per Image.Automotive Retouching includes:

  1. Full/ Half Background Removal
  2. Customer Branding
  3. Window see-through creation.
  4. Removal of unwanted elements
  5. Colour correction
automotive retouching automotive retouching


Clipping Path Services

Clipping is like taking a scissor and cutting out your favourite celebrity out of a newspaper or magazine. We clip thousands of images every month and do it much cleaner and quicker using various photoshop tools and clipping path experts at Digi5 Studios. Clipping Paths Services are a most essential for any type of e-commerce business as well as publishing houses and photographers.Price starts at 0.10 USD Per Image. This includes:

  1. Alpha Masking
  2. High Volume Clipping Paths
  3. Multiple paths creation in a single image
  4. Complex masking
clipping path clipping path


Fashion Photo Retouching Services

Don’t overdo things. That’s the first and the last rule when it comes to Fashion Photo Retouching. And we follow it very sincerely. We work for various Fashion Photographers and studios giving them both realistic and spectacular results on their images. The results are flawless.Price starts at 0.50 USD Per Image. This includes:

  1. Skin Smoothening
  2. Removal of Blemishes and Stray Hair
  3. Slimming
  4. Facial and Body Contouring
  5. Colour Correction
fashion retouching fashion retouching


Real Estate Photo Retouching Services

People in the real estate business will understand the importance of appealing and realistic images of their property. Free from any blur or distortion, without wires dangling from the ceilings or wrinkled sofa covers. Everything needs to be perfect with good colour tones and crisp quality of the image. Ourpricestarts at 0.50 USD Per Image.Real Estate Photo Retouching Includes:

  1. Correcting Camera Distortion
  2. Removal of Unwanted Elements
  3. Color Correction
  4. Multi Image Merging for HDR effect
  5. Compositing external elements into an image
real estate photo retouching real estate photo retouching
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What they say about us
Gary Lupton

The guys are unbelievable when it comes to delivering projects within or sometimes earlier then deadlines. In spite of some the tightest deadlines they have never let the quality of image editing work go below standard."

Jochen Heine

Your Photo Retouching Services are second to none. Quick and perfect quality! Thank you!."

Graeme Smeaton

I’m very pleased with the Photo retouch service that we have received from Digi5 Studios. They are easy to work with, understand briefs and feedback well and represent very good value for money. I’ll be using them again in future."

Richard Gill

When it comes to Retouching Images these guys have super skills. They have pulled off unimaginable work on images and they are very reliable. Good on you guys."

Jonathan Price

A very hard working team, very professional when it comes to delivery and quality of work. Highly recommended."

Sam Ville

We have found Digi5 Studios to be super professionals & easy to work with. They have a team of very skilled image editors who do wonders with our images. We are super glad to work with you and hope this association of ours is long lived."


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