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Fashion Photo Retouching Services

“Our retouching experts can transform any studio image into a magazine quality artwork.”

Our Services

In Photo Retouching


Color and Density Correction

We make sure the portrait image retouching does not make the person look like a wax model by over-retouching the skin. We balance colors by experimenting with various spots and choose the best natural-looking skin tone. Our expert retouchers make sure the person and the background in the photo are aesthetically pleasing. We carry out the best color and density correction services.

fashion photo retouching fashion photo retouching


Background Editing or Composing

Landscape photoshoot or indoor photoshoot, a right background is necessary. If the photo's focus is on the person, we can set diverse backdrops such as beaches, gardens, and abstract surroundings. However, if the focus is on the apparel or accessory, we set a clean background to the photos.

fashion photo retouching fashion photo retouching


Removing Spots, Blemishes, and other imperfections

People wish to get a slightly polished look with retouching as the little bumps and marks are temporary. Keeping it in mind, we maintain the integrity of the image to achieve blemish-free skin.

fashion photo retouching fashion photo retouching


Skin Detail Enhancements

Correcting fine lines, uneven skin tone, and texture are a few problems we handle during skin retouching. Our retouching experts maintain the natural tone of the skin depending on the complexion without highlighting the pores. We leave out permanent characteristics such as birthmarks without retouching, making the photo look realistic.

fashion photo retouching fashion photo retouching


Eye Bag and Wrinkle Removal

As it is said, "Eyes define beauty," people are naturally attracted to a person's eyes as it speaks volumes. We retouch the eyes and area under the eyes to get rid of eye bags and wrinkle around the eyes. Apart from eye bags and wrinkle removal, we also focus on eyelashes, reducing redness, fixing iris saturation, and adding contrast to the eyes. We adjust the opacity and retouch the surrounding skin for a uniform and realistic look for high end beauty retouching service.

fashion photo retouching fashion photo retouching


Body Sculpting

A beautiful model decked with your products increases your sales profoundly. Do not worry if the models are not toned up for the shoot. At Digi5Studios, we retouch to improve the model's shape. In the case of product advertising, we will shift the focus from the model and direct it towards your product.
[We can retouch physical changes to the model's body to make them look taller, shorter, slimmer, or healthy based on your requirements. We make sure the apparel or the accessories look attractive on the model, convincing the customers to buy the product. ]

fashion photo retouching fashion photo retouching


Teeth Whitening

Having a perfect white smile is a symbol of beauty. Also, a portrait photo is incomplete without teeth whitening using photo retouching. Our expert retouching services work to remove the yellow tint from the teeth and give a sparkling touch.

fashion photo retouching fashion photo retouching
Digi5 Studios has been successfully offering photoshop services to some of the best companies from around the world. We have worked on millions of images ever since our company's establishment in 2009.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Fashion retouching?

Fashion photo retouching is the manipulation of people or models to look beautiful and attractive. Beauty and fashion services are preferred by businesses selling skin and hair products. Fashion retouching is done to remove distractions, and temporary imperfections on the skin, keeping in mind the person's identity are not lost. Hair retouching is an integral part of fashion retouching, giving a finished look to the person.

What kinds of Fashion retouching services does Digi5Studios offer?

Digi5Studios offers multiple fashion photo retouching services at a competitive price. The services include Color and Density Correction, background editing and composing, removing spots, blemishes, and other imperfections, skin detail enhancements, eye bag and wrinkle removal, body sculpting, teeth whitening. We use multiple workflows to give you your desired images.

How much do Fashion retouching services cost?

Submit us your images for fashion and beauty photo retouching services, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the best possible quote. Our fashion retouching prices start from 0.30USD per photo. Try our services to experience our quality work and dedication to perfection with a faster turnaround time.

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