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“A photo should appeal to potential buyer”

This phrase is true for every product especially when it comes to Automobiles.


Normal Cut

This is called a normal cut because the original shadows and the road is retained. We replace the original background of the automobile with a custom designed or a background of dealer’s choice with his branding. The car is further enhanced by improving the colors and some sharpening. Also, we clean up potholes, marks, clutter and all such things which take away focus from the automobile. One of the most important things done on the car is to create a see through from the car windows so that the dealer BG is visible through them. This gives it a very realistic effect. Although the Output looks simply but a lot of work goes into producing the final product.

automobive retouching automotive retouching


Complete Cut

A complete Cut is where we replace the entire background including the original road. A new dealer Background as well as road matching the BG color is installed in the image.The automobile is completely extracted and given a new background and clean roads. The most challenging part of this operation is creating realistic shadows of the automobile. Our expert automotive retouching team creates awesome shadows keeping the cars alignment and lighting conditions in mind. As with the NC we do all the color and sharpening enhancements along with the window see throughs.

automotive retouching automotive retouching

Automotive Photo Retouching Services

With years of experience we understand that high class images play a big part in enhancing sales of an automobile. We get regular feedbacks from our clients on how their sales increased manifold after incorporating our services.

We would be delighted to do free samples for you to showcase the experience and quality of our services.

  • Color and Density Correction
  • Clean the background e.g. people, dustbins, poles etc.
  • Removing elements like glares, dents, scratches etc
  • Image Resizing
  • Remove unwanted reflections or stickers and other distracting features
  • Replace backgrounds when requested

Car Retouching- Selling or reselling your car? Posting cars on your handles or in magazines, you will want them to look fabulous. Our car image editing service can cover all your needs as requested. Services also include image compositing and displaying the vehicle for a 360-degree view. All you need is to send us your samples with the required specifications. Just leave automobile retouching to us.

Digi5 Studios has been successfully offering photoshop services to some of the best companies from around the world. We have worked on millions of images ever since our company's establishment in 2009.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is automotive photo retouching?

Automobile photo retouching deals with enhancing the vehicle's appearance to make it more appealing to the viewer. It is possible to retouch automobiles when the images are shot in studios or locations. Automotive retouching helps remove glares, undesired reflections, and objects. It helps enhance color and cover up dents or any missing elements on the vehicle.

How do you retouch a car?

Firstly we focus on removing and replacing the background if needed. Next, we clean up the ground and remove unwanted objects from the image. Adding and removing shadows is performed, followed by removing glares off the mirrors and glasses. Finally, we perform color correction and add sharpness to the image. A beautiful car is ready at the end. This is a standard procedure, and we are happy to adjust our workflow according to your needs.

What kinds of automotive photo retouching services does Digi5Studios offer?

Digi5Studios offers multiple automobile photo retouching services at a competitive price. The services include Color and Density Correction, cleaning the background, removing glares, dents, scratches, image resizing, removing unwanted reflections, stickers, etc., and replacing backgrounds when requested. We also offer normal cuts and complete cuts for your automobile image backgrounds.

When should I choose automotive photo retouching services?

Buying and selling automobiles is a thriving industry, and vehicles are always in demand. As sellers, your job is to persuade and convince buyers to make the most sales. It is quite challenging to make this happen virtually. Automobile photo retouching helps you to present your vehicles spotless and without background distractions. Retouching adds sharpness to the images and removes anything that is distracting to the customer.

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