Our Clipping Path & Masking Services

Digi5 Studios is the expert in bulk clipping path services, masking service, bulk photo background removal etc. Our experienced photoshop specialist provides high quality photo editing work to the ecommerce companies, photographers, Publishing Houses, Stock Agencies etc and help them transform their images as well as saving them tons of time. We are one of the best clipping path and image background removal company which provides specialised high-quality Professional Photo Editing Services.

Clipping PathsClipping Paths

Level-1  Simple Clipping

This is the most simple form of performing a clipping path around an object. The products include shapes like wine bottles, cereal box, laptops etc. We generally get bulk volumes in case of such products and the pricing starts as low as 0.10 cents per image. Pen tool in Adobe Photoshop is the weapon of choice for performing simple clipping paths and the typical time per image ranges anywhere between 2-3 minutes.

Clipping PathsClipping Paths

Level-2  Medium Clipping

The difficulty level gets a little higher clipping paths with Level Two as we get products with little more complex shapes. It is the part of ecommerce product photo editing services E.g. Shoes, Sunglasses, Bags, Watches etc. The pricing ranges between 0.50 cents to 1 USD per image depending upon the specifications and volume of images. e.g. transparent PNG or White background we use pen tool, quick selection tool, magic wand etc to produce the best quality.


Clipping PathsClipping Paths

Level-3  Complex Clipping

As the name suggests this level includes products which have fairly complex shapes like Jewellery, Cycles, Machines etc. These images take anywhere between 30 - 60 minutes for processing and the price ranges between 3 USD - 8 USD per image depending upon processing time and volume of images. Again, a variety of tools in Adobe Photoshop are needed to clip these images successfully so that they look good on any background.

Clipping PathsClipping Paths

Level-4  Super Complex Clipping

This is the most time taking and high skill oriented clipping done by editors with a high level of patience and utmost care. Products include Bouquet's, Complex Machinery etc. These images take anywhere between 2 - 3 hours and the price range between 15 - 20 USD per image. Various tools and techniques are needed to clip these images which include quick selection, pen tool, channel masking etc


Clipping PathsClipping Paths

Multiple Objects Clipping

Sometimes we get images or Clipping paths, where we have multiple components in one frame. We generally get these kind of images from Automotive part manufacturers or heavy machine industries where they shoot various components of a machine or working part in a single frame to show what it's made of to the end users. These could also be images from an E-Commerce company or a Food & Beverage company highlighting its range of products in one frame as well.

Clipping PathsClipping Paths

Alpha or Channel Masking

These techniques are used when we need to extract images that consist Human Models, Furry Animals etc on a transparent background. These images shall be extracted well enough to be placed on any sort of background without showing any outlines or distractions. These clipipng path or masking techniques are very high-end and performed by Skilled Fashion Photo Editors to produce the highest quality results. The price ranges between 8 USD - 12 USD per image depending upon the complexity of the images.



Digi5 Studios offers quality clipping path, Image masking, photo background removal services to the e-commerce companies and other clients. We are expert in bulk Photo clipping path services with quick turnaround.

Clipping path service is the process to change or remove the background of an image containing a product , human model, animals etc to use these images for variety of purposes. Adobe Photoshop is used to create Clipping Paths and extract products using various techniques like Channel Masking, Selective Color etc. We are experts at producing high quality clipping path services at very competitive rates within the requested deadlines. Photo retouchers at Digi5 Studios are experts in using various techniques to clip or remove the background of an image. It all depends upon the clients requirement. We will appreciate if you send us a sample job which will give us an opportunity to highlight our quality clipping path services.