User Engagement on Photographs

7 Ways to Increase User Engagement on Photographs

For decades, photography has tremendously evolved making it easier for everyone to share their moments through a picture. With the drastic advancements in Camera Specifications and abilities, photographs have more detailed resolution and quality making them presentable and attractive. However, the art of photography makes a perfect picture stand out.

Social media platforms have played a huge part in allowing people share their unforgettable moments to family and friends. However, some moments might be ruined by an imperfect background or light intensity which in turn will reduce engagements to your photograph. In such Situations, the best thing to do is to seek Photo Retouching company for assistance. But this method could be costly if one is on a budget.

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Here are seven ways of Photo Retouching that will help increase engagements to your photographs:

1) Light Exposure.

When taking a photo, it is most likely that you will not be contempt by the amount of light displayed in the picture. It might be either brighter than expected or slightly dull. The first step to make is to adjust the light intensity and color temperature to get the desired look. The highlights should be a little dark and the shadows can a little faded to make the photo even. The photo will look normal and raw at this moment. Set the tone of your photo through giving it just the right contrast. The photo will be better looking than before giving you the best ways to edit it.

2) Consistency.

A great looking photo should not have an irregular skin or background. People appreciate a photo that doesn’t have background distortion or distraction. When a photo is taken on a busy street, people are always attracted to the background view driving a lot of attention away. Making a blurry background will surely raise their attention to the exposed image. Using brushes on spots and pimples to remove them will give you a clear photo.

3) Color Intensity.

Most photography images appear dull at first, but using Lightroom to adjust color intensity always changes everything. Add vibrancy and intensity to a photo to make it more interesting. Basically adding some color to the highlights and a uniform color for the shadow gives an attractive. Use Hue and fine tune to make the colors consistent. This gives a great monochromatic photo that has a great colorful hint, adding a wink of life to it.

Photo Retouching

4) Background.

When editing your background to create a pure consistent look, the choice of color should not suppress the image. Choosing a beige background color a bright image or choosing a black background on a dark image will most definitely suppress the image. If the background has a blue sky captured, the sky can be toned down to reduce its brightness making it have a pleasant look and feel.

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 5) Make the Photo Clean.

To drive attention, the photo it has to look neat. Nobody can be attracted to a photo with distractions around it. Sometimes a photo might accidentally capture unnecessary scenes. Consider editing out the simple things that may cause a distraction in a photo or even put out an ugly look. However, this can be easily avoided by setting up a neat surrounding for the perfect photo shoot.

6) Creativity.

Driving attention to a photo requires a creative design. Editing the light exposure to have more realistic Rays will most probably make an eye catching image. The best photographs are always described by the mood set. Also editing the background to people’s interests will increase a photo’s engagement.

7) Blend the Photo.

In every photo, the skin color may not look the same due to light exposure leaving the photo with a red nose, darker ears, and a shiny forehead. Using different blending modes will adjust the photo to maintain a consistent skin tone. With Photoshop, they have 26 different blending modes, hence providing a wide variety to choose from.

There are many different ways of Photo retouching that will help increase engagements to your photography; it always depends on the authenticity and creativity in Photography. However, with a great looking photo, it needs more than just having Photo Retouching, Photography marketing strategies will generally increase engagements enormously. Using marketing tools such as Search Engine Optimization to a photo is a great way to increase engagements.

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