Top 5 Best Photoshop Plugins for 2022

Photoshop plugins are add-ons geared towards providing different image effects and perform tasks that are challenging to accomplish using Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. Plugins make your photoshop session lively and enjoyable. You can speed up your workflow with these cool Photoshop Plugins. Starting with the Pexels plugin, we will discuss the top 5 best photoshop plugins in 2021.


Pexels is the one-stop destination for thousands of high-resolution stock images. The photos are free to download and can be used under the Pexels license. Professionals in fields such as designing, Photo Retouching Services, and visual content creation can use this extensive collection of photos. The photos can be cropped for clipping paths or reused diversely. 

This plugin is a blessing in disguise if you work on background elimination and changing backgrounds for Clipping Paths Services. Photos of various genres are available, and all the photos are easy to search under tags. We can crop and resize these free stock images, and doing so does not affect the quality of the photos.

Fontself Maker 

With limited options of font settings in Adobe Photoshop, it isn’t easy to find the right font for our creations. Fontself Maker is an excellent paid extension for Photoshop that lets us design our own font. We can personalize fonts that suit our photos and templates. There are options like advanced spacing, smart metrics, color fonts, kerning, etc. The drag and drop tool lets us create new fonts in seconds. The extension also converts any shape to a character and provides us with alternatives to every character. 


This Photoshop plugin is made explicitly for UI Designers and developers. It is helpful in managing Photoshop documents(PSD files) and layers of templates. These Photo Retouching Services provides a common ground for communication between designers and developers. Designers who are not familiar with photoshop specs can get accurate information such as text formatting, typographic settings, and dimension settings. This is a free photoshop plugin that has artboard support, and it stores data in one folder. 

Layrs Control 2 

Layrs Control 2 is a set of seven scripts to make your layers management easier in photoshop. While editing or Photo Retouching, we tend to use a ton of layers. For instance, while working on Automobile or Real Estate retouching, you will want to change the background or add more graphics to enhance the subject. This free extension lets us manage our layers palette and organize layers in photoshop. It makes searching and working on layers easier. 

With the help of the Layrs Control plugin, we can optimize layers. The plugin allows editing layer names, removing unused effects, deleting empty layers, converting layers to a smart object, finding similar layers, etc. This extension is a must-have if you are working on large projects that require organization.

Free Retouch Panel

Free retouch Panel is an effective plugin that makes high-end retouching easy and fast. The plugin’s Properties bar has adjustment sliders that let you quickly retouch portraits and are useful in fashion retouching. This video course covers the most crucial elements in photo retouching. The plugin has six useful photo retouching tools for both beginners and professionals. Also, the extension offers handy helper functions and gives access to support services. 

The 6 Retouching Tools:

  1. Stamp- working on skin irregularities
  2. Auto- skin tone and texture smoothening automatically
  3. FS- working on skin tones and textures
  4. Skin- enhancement of skin texture
  5. Anti-glare- on glasses and metal surfaces, oiled surfaces
  6. Tan removal and optimization

BONUS: Camera Raw

Adobe Camera Raw(ACR) Plugin is a Photoshop plugin that can edit raw images non-destructively. It has many sliders and adjustment features. Camera Raw is intrinsic in all of Adobe Photoshop. ACR imports photos in TIF, JPEG, or any format before editing. It supports files in Digital Negatives format(DNG). It helps to upload photos without changing the adjustment settings for presets. Camera Raw does not destroy the resolution and dimensions of the raw photo. To restore the pixels of the raw photo, Adobe Camera Raw uses 16 bits per channel.

ACR Plugin has a user-friendly UI. Switching from Camera Raw to other Photoshop editing software is hassle-free. The Raw images and the retouched images are stored in separate files. This feature is helpful to compare the original and edited photos. 

ACR is a great plugin for Photo Retouching Services. We can perform selective edits and make targeted adjustments to improve the quality of photos. Beauty Retouching requires a good deal of experience to find the imperfections and cover them up. Camera Raw lets us retouch global and local adjustments with ease. This plugin is extensively used by photo retouching services.

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