How to Alienate Clients

How to Alienate Clients and Loose work?

Every company or business in the world is deemed successful when it can manage to sustain a number of loyal clients. Earning the loyalty of clients is not an easy task. Whether you are offering photo retouching services, graphic design, or any other service, there are certain things that you need to do right in order to gain the trust of your clients. Once you manage to earn loyalty, you must also ensure that there is a proper plan in place to sustain the working relationship with your clients. As a company, there are many things you can get right and pull in droves of both new and old clients. On the flipside, some measures can also make clients stay away from you. Here are a couple of reasons why clients might decide to part ways with you.

Poor Communication

Communication is essential in any kind of relationship. For professional relationships, certain standards must be applied if you want to have a healthy relationship with clients. Poor communication can entail many things. Failure to elaborate the details of a particular project into ordinary language and the use of too much professional jargon is one sure way to alienate clients. In addition, failing to give feedback to your clients can really cost you in the long run. As a company, you need to ensure that all questions and feedback from your clients is attended to accurately and in a timely fashion.

Lack of Follow-up 

A company that fails to follow-up on their clients will end up losing many clients in the long run. While most projects end officially when a client has paid for the work, this does not imply the end of the relationship between you and your client. As a business, you need to go the extra mile and ask follow-up questions about a project you worked on. You need to ask the clients how the services benefited them and if they were able to achieve what they wanted. Doing this shows your clients that you care about their welfare and success. The clients will then reciprocate by giving you more work in the future.

Being Unreachable

There are many ways a company can be unreachable to their clients. First, a company can become geographically alienated from their clients if the usual operational base is shifted. Secondly, a company can become unreachable when clients are unable to get through to the company either by calls or other forms of communication. Finally, a company can become unreachable when the terms of operation change. As a company, you must always ensure consistency in order to be reachable by your clients. Things like physical and virtual addresses should not change haphazardly. Even if some important restructuring happens in the company, there must be a plan to inform your clients in a timely fashion.

Unreasonable Change in Prices

One of the most important aspects of any client-professional relationship is the cost of services. Many clients often prioritize the cost of services when choosing a particular company. As a service provider, you need to maintain the prices of your products at a reasonable price in relation to the market standards. Keeping your prices constant helps your clients plan their finances better and thus consider you as a reliable partner. While the market is never constant, you must always think about the future when pricing your products. You do not need to keep your prices exactly at the market rates. You need to factor in the market trends and quote a price that will be reasonable to you whether the market fluctuates or not.

Poor Services 

The last but probably most significant factor that can completely push away your clients is the production of sub par quality products. There is no client who wants to deal with a mediocre company. If you are dealing with photo retouching services, for instance, producing photos that are over-saturated or washed out could result into an instant blacklist by your client. As a company, you must ensure that you are up to date with the trends in the industry in order to produce content that is satisfactory to your clients.

There are indeed many other minor things you can do and piss off your clients. The above, however, comprise some of the most common things product photo retouching services companies or other companies do and end up losing clients. Avoiding these will ensure you a long and productive relationship with your clients.

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