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How to use a Smartphone for Great Product Photography?

Smartphones have made photographers out of the millions of people who use these mobile devices on a daily basis. But, as in all fields of expertise, getting good images out of a Smartphone could benefit from learning a few nice tricks about the craft, especially when the photos are intended for a commercial purpose.

Sure, having a Smartphone with a top-rated camera does much of the job; but so does having refined photography skills and a few photo editing skills. By getting some of these factors right and using Professional Photo retouching service, a Smartphone can prove to be more than adequate even in cases where professional photography equipment such as DSLR cameras have traditionally been the best alternative.

  1. Get a Good Smartphone

To capture great Smartphone photos of your products, it is critical to get a Smartphone with a great camera. There is no way around this. Fortunately, it is not hard to figure out which mobile device to purchase for this purpose.

Companies like Samsung, Apple, Sony, and other premium Camera Smartphone brands typically dominate the Smartphone camera world. More importantly, the web has gone to great lengths to demonstrate just what you can achieve with these great Smartphone cameras.

Generally speaking, a top-rated Smartphone with a camera of above 8 MP, a resolution of at least 1080, autofocus, flash and some form of inbuilt image stabilization should be good enough for a product photography job.

  1. Consider Investing in Image Stabilization Equipment

Some people have very steady hands and can manage to get pretty good shots when using their Smartphone cameras. Besides, many Smartphone’s now have some form of image stabilization in them. This is great. But for more consistent and better quality shots, image stabilization accessories are needed.

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For instance, taking HDR shots typically requires that the Smartphone is held still for a few more seconds, and this is more than enough time to shake the Smartphone and blur the photo in many scenarios. So, having a good stand is a good way to ensure that clear and high-quality photos are taken every time.

  1. Use Natural Light

It is always better to shoot your photos outside. If indoors, product photography is always much better when done close to a big window that lets in a great deal of natural light.

This form of lighting will give the product images the best color balance, and reduce shadows that would otherwise conceal some of the product’s key features. Besides, shots taken in presence of higher amounts of natural light can stand up to more editing afterward without experiencing a substantial dip in photo quality?

  1. A White Background

Photo background matters; and a white setting is the golden standard. This sort of background gives the product a professional feel, and it does not distract the buyer with other unnecessary objects in the photo. More importantly, a white background will make most product photos look amazing. Finally, it is important to keep the white background completely white for easier editing afterward.

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  1. Get Good Photography Apps

A Smartphone will typically come with its own photo editing apps. But sometimes, these apps just don’t cut it when it comes to providing the editing features needed to produce high-quality product photos. In this case, it is always worth taking a look at what the app store has to offer.

These apps can compensate for whatever the inbuilt photography apps cannot satisfactorily handle. Even if the native camera app up is not up to the mark, it can be replaced by an app that better exploits the Smartphone’s hardware to produce better quality photos.

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  1. Do Some Retouches once you are Done Shooting

Once the photo session is over, your work is not done. It is important to edit the photos first before uploading them to the Internet. One of the ways to do this is to use Product Retouching Services. But as with professional-quality cameras, Smartphone’s have put this ability at your fingertips as well. 

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With a powerful photo editing app, there are no limits to what you can do to your photos and make them trustworthy in the eyes of your customers. It is even possible to edit the photo background to give them a setting that is more appealing to the client.

In Summary

Photos usually speak volumes about the product being sold. Having poorly focused shots will usually put off most buyers. So, even though everybody seems to have gone the Smartphone way with regard to product photography, that is no excuse for having less than appealing product photos.

Fortunately, with the tips above, product photographs taken with a Smartphone should leave nothing to be desired when compared to those taken using professional-grade digital cameras. Customers instinctively attach the value of the product to the quality of its photos.

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