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Top 7 Tricks to Improve Your Photo Editing Skills

Photography has always been a part of human kind. It brings out different forms of feelings and gestures through images. Just like the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. Through photos, you can get different messages from time in history. To create eye catching images, one has to master various aspects of the art of photo editing. With so many post processing programs today, it is important to understand and get familiar with the different editing tools used. Everybody likes images pleasing to the eyes and to achieve this, you have to combine all the necessary attributes of photo editing. Below we look at the essential elements required to make good and professional photo editing.

Learning and understanding the use of various Softwares and tools.

In everything there must be a foundation and photography is no exception. You have to know the basic tools used in editing so that you can do the actual work. It involves tools used in; Cropping, adding brightness and contrast, saturation, adjusting color and temperature, resizing images, clone and rubber stamp, erasers, layering, sharpening, channel mixing and much more. These tools are vital because they form the foundation of photo editing and without their knowledge, you can’t excel in this field.

Flattening out the image in raw form

Before transferring your image to your editing program, you have to set it up in camera raw first. In this stage, you set everything into flat. These means doing things like adjusting color and temperature or the exposure if need be, setting the highlights to be dull and shadows flat and maybe almost in the same tonal range as the mid tones. These will make the image to look a little bit dull and flat; just the way it is supposed to be before you start your editing. Flattening your image is important because when you start editing it, the techniques you employ will come out well. For example, if you give your image a lot of natural contrast before editing, the adjustments you make during editing might damage it because you will give it way too much contrast.

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Learning the dodge and burn technique

Dodging and burning is a technique used to lighten or darken specific areas of an image. This method can be employed to display some areas of your image as more darker or lighter than others. It is used to emphasize or de-emphasize the features of your photo. It involves the use of curve adjustment layers to set an exposure to brighter and the other to darker. By dodging and burning you even out skin tones or other parts of the image.

Learning to use color balance, levels, and hue/sat adjustment layers

These are an important feature in editing because you can set it to bring out the exact look that you want. These are achieved by opening the color balance adjustment layer and adding different colors to the mid tones and the highlights as this will keep the colors more realistic. It also involves adjusting the hue, saturation, and lightness of each color. Experimenting with different tones will give different looks.

Use of layer masks

You don’t want the effects to go all-out when you are editing your image. It is, therefore, necessary to tone, edit, or dodge and burn the different parts of your image using layer masks. Different parts of various bodies come in varying colors; it is, therefore, important to change the hue/sat of the color of a particular part by masking out the areas that you want it to affect.

Use of blending modes

Having your image blending into different styles is important. It can involve the utilization of a brush. There are many mixing colors that you can try out to achieve the higher creativity levels.

Frequency separation

It is a useful technique that can be used to smooth the skin. It applies to clothes and skies or any place that might need evening or smoothing out. Other essential elements include the use of the healing brush to remove pimples or anything unfamiliar in the skin or any distractions on the background, using the clone stamp to lighten or darken the skin or something in the background, changing the black and white layers into soft and light, and much more with the help of Professional photo editing Services.

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