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5 Common Mistakes while Shooting Sunglasses


Taking photo shots of any kind of highly reflective surface always presents photographers with a challenge. Sunglasses are no exception. Whether working with mirror shades or deep black light-absorbing lenses, the old adage is true: before you start, think of the finish! There are some things you just can’t fix through Photo Retouching Services!

1: Light source directly in front of subject

whether your shades or on the face of a model, or you are shooting the product itself in isolation, don’t use a light source directly in front of the subject. Make sure you get your angles right so that the straight lines of light don’t reflect back into your lens. If you don’t, the sunglasses will show the light source perfectly reflected. If you can control the light source, move it up and away from your subject. With a model, put it above and to the side. If your focus is on the product, try to light with a diffused 360-degree source.

sunglass photography

2: Strong single light source

Shaper the light source you use and the closer it is to the subject, the more intrusive it will be on the image you take. You may not see it at the time while you focus on the overall shot, but you may end up with one block or point of light that attracts the attention when you look at the finished image. No amount of sharply focused light will punch its way through to show the eye: sunglasses are designed to stop that.

3: Just the glasses – think of the background

When your task is to shoot the sunglasses as product – for a catalog, perhaps – it’s important to concentrate on the background. You’ll probably have a standard light box that you use for your product shots. Remember that sunglasses are generally darker than a lot of things you shoot. But they also reflect light. This may give problems for your usual set up. You may get too little or too much contrast with the product.

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4: Smudges on the lenses

The sunglasses have to be perfectly clean to start with! Any smudges or dirt or scratches are likely to show up. If you wear glasses, you don’t notice how soiled the lenses are or how scratched they may have become. But in a photograph, they show up clear as day.

If you can control the conditions of the shoot, make sure both the lenses and the frame of the sunglasses are clean and polished.

Sunglass photography
5: Overlapping parts

If you are shooting sunglasses as a product, think about the position of the subject. They are unusual shapes. They put the “3” into “3 dimensional”! You want to show every piece of the product, nothing overlapping. You can’t see through the dark lenses but you do want to show the arms. You want to show the nose pieces, not hide them behind the frames.
whether you are firing off snapshots or taking tight shots for product presentation, shooting sunglasses bring special problems. As long as you are aware of the kind of mistakes you can make, you should be able to avoid most of them at the source and the smaller ones can be left companies providing great Product Retouching Services.

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