Product Photography lighting setup

What Lighting do you need for product photography?

Quality product photography has become critically important in apparel eCommerce. The quality of product images seen by your customers usually determines their buying decision. Essential, producing the best product images for your online store require experts professional photography. We take you through various lighting setups for apparel product photography. You can learn from our experience on how to create beautiful apparel product image.

Product photo retouching services enhances the images of products. Through lighting and color adjustment of an image, one can make a product appear natural. Though product photo retouching improves appearance, it never substitutes wrinkles, stains, and fabric. It is therefore not a substitute for proper lighting. It is important that you understand the various lighting setups that are done in apparel product photography. So how do you create same stunning images without the hassle of post-production product photo retouching, photo retouching services?

  1. Creating a Diffusion by using Mono Lights

Photographers deal with materials and compounds with unique properties. Apparel photography works with a broad range of fabrics such as spandex, acrylic, silk, linen, cotton, and nylon. Each material presents its challenges to lighting. Materials such as silk have are reflective while others such as velvet absorb light. Also, materials with sewn fabrics change their characteristics. Materials also differ with the weave. Those with a high thread count make smoother and reflective surfaces whereas loose weaves create rough topography and emphasize hard shadows. This is an important consideration when shooting fabrics. A light setup that allows for more diffusion is usually better when it comes to material. For reflective materials such as silk retain more details. Your two mono lights maximize the versatility of your shooting setup options. The diffusion gives more appealing apparel images. The lighting setup must, therefore, offer a bird’s eye view through a soft light. This will tone down the glare you will have from reflective fabrics. Soft and diffuse light helps your online stores have a 100% zoom feature for your clothing. Mono lights offer a soft light source that will tone down any glare you might have from reflective fabrics.

Single Light Setup
In a single light setup, products are placed at 45-degree angle from your product. Place a tethered manually light at a 45-degree angle on the opposite side of your product. The light fills the field of view. A smaller light source closer to the subject enhances the image size of the small product. Single light setup placed at 45-degree angle from your product offers the lower light source that helps provide even light distribution to your product. Photographing small items such as hats do not require as large light modifier like shooting a whole product.

Single Light Setup

Backlit Setup
Lighting setups also affect the accuracy of color. There are materials that do not favor various colors such as glass and metals. That does not mean that you settle for images with light spots and reflections. Proper lighting setup helps you take clear photos of colored items. Backlit Setup requires that you place the light source behind your product so that the brightest side of your light source shines on your product. This emphasizes the natural curves of your product.

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Strobe Lighting

You can also use strobe lighting, with stands that diffuse light. Put the light diffuser between your product and the light and a white board on both sides of your product. Place another board on the top. If the desired color is more defined outer edges, blackboards can be used. Black boards increase saturation and create bolder colors. Lighting setups contribute to an image while product photo retouching, photo retouching services only add touches and color correction. You may use artificial strobes to create the lighting environment for products, Strobes have the same color temperature and sometimes produce inaccurate color. Compounding the different light, modifiers will you contribute to the color of the light.

Strobe Lighting
Efficient lighting setup for apparels shooting can sometimes be technically challenging. It is at this stage that post-production processing. Photo retouching services provide the cleaning that your image requires. We provide Quality Retouched Images from the pesky reflections in your photo. We clone out imperfections and check color accuracy that heals the defects like scratches you were unable to repair. Photo retouching services bring out a better quality of your studio shot raw images.

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