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5 Common Mistakes photographers do while Shooting Jewelry Photographs


Product photography plays an important role in the marketing of a product, especially when it comes to jewelry. -Every aspect of the piece being photographed must be brought out with sensitivity showing all the details on it. This is very critical; so the photographer has to make sure that the aperture, focus settings, white balance, background and even the angles he/she picks brings out the most captivating shots from the piece being photographed. When the said guidelines are followed correctly, one might even find a very less need to visit photo retouching that offers jewelry retouching Services, thus sparing you constant visits to the said product retouching services. Here today we want to outline the most common five mistakes photographers make while shooting jewelry pieces in studios.

1. Poor Set-Ups and Preparations

When planning on the actual shoot, you must make sure all the equipment (whether it’s the tripod stand, lighting or mounting stage) that will add significance to the shoot are present and are performing effectively. As the photographer, you must also make sure that you have thoroughly examined the jewelry for any blemish or flaw that might riddle the piece. This counters the blemish details not visible to our eyes that DSLR cameras and proper lighting might reveal. This won’t look appealing if it landed on a client’s eyes online. However, still, a Photo Retouching Company may help cover zits and unnecessary marks on the jewelry.

2. Surface Reflections

Having that we are dealing with jewelry, most have surfaces with highly reflective properties. This is highly visible with metallic and gemstone jewelry. Experienced photographers have been inclined to argue that one should first opt for natural light before introducing other sophisticated light sources. So before using artificial lights, one should first try working with natural light to avoid having camera reflections and the eventual reflection spots on your jewelry. You could also try changing the position of the jewelry or your camera angle to counter reflections. Jewelry retouching will help adjust contrast and shadowing to hide the reflections.

3. Inconsistent Set-Ups

Consistency plays an important role in establishing style in photography. A common mistake that many product photographers make is using different settings and set-ups resulting in images changing too often and this makes customers viewing your images to be distracted, drawing a bad view about your website especially when it operates on e-commerce. To prevent these inconsistencies, you can have one of your successful shoots documented and use it as a preference for your future projects whereas you will just employ the same tactics, lighting and focus settings any day you have a similar shoot.

Jewelry photography

4. Poor Background Choices

This is another crucial aspect that is undoubtedly overlooked by most people. Using an overly distractive background, in that it draws more focus to itself than the jewelry being marketed, is a bad decision. Such backgrounds might include patterned veils/prints or after-effect-watermarks that will be portrayed as “noise” in contrast to the jewelry a customer should focus on. Jewelry photo background removal services can do very little to correct this, though, they use a background of plain color- most preferably white, black or grey should be used instead to ensure client focus is entirely on the jewelry.

5. Using Wrong White Balance Settings

The most little of errors like this can cost you desired results. Before you start the shoot you might want to investigate your white balance settings and ensure that it will bring out the correct colors for the jewelry on set. Otherwise, you might end up with images showing a slight shade-variation or a totally different color from the one you anticipated. Product retouching services attempt to add shine and reduce flares to give out that perfect sparkle.

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