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Top 5 Product Photo Retouching Process & Techniques in Simple Steps

Having a process is an essential key to successful product photography. When you are looking to advertise a product, it has to go through retouching before it is presented to the public. The fast-paced world of technology has made it possible for the world to enjoy the best Photo Retouching Services. Here are 5 simple product retouching steps that will give your product image that natural look while still keeping its clarity as well as its color combination.

Step 1: Evaluate

E-commerce Product Retouching Services are all about coming up with the best possible images. It is always important to evaluate or analyze the product that is to be retouched. Determine factors like the lighting or the overall look. This way, you will be able to find the areas of the product that need the most attention and quickly assess what should be accomplished with the retouching process. Be aware of elements like different textures of the product as well as any distractions that should be eliminated. Zoom in closely to spot any imperfections and decide on everything that should be removed.

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Step 2: Eliminate

After making the initial evaluation and determining what should be eliminated during the product retouching services expectedly the next step is to obviously, eliminate! The elimination process is not limited to dust, dirt, scratches or anything else that may not belong in the image. Use the spot healing brush and the patch tool to get rid of the attributes that should not be part of the product. However, do not make multiple changes to the digital image as it can affect the clarity of the final image.

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Step 3: Reduce

While aspects such as dirt and dust are distractions that can be removed easily by Photo Retouching, but other small details that may not be visible to the naked eye should simply be reduced. Pay special attention to the details. For instance, reducing image shadows adds personality’ to the product. This avoids the harsh highlights of overexposure.

Step 4: Add noise

The next step is to add slight noise to the product image. If anything, product Photo Retouching Services have taught us the importance of blending tones together. This is really helpful when you have to band your image. Adding noise will diminish any banding, making for a stronger image and print. You can add more noise depending on the effect you are looking to achieve.

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Step 5: Step away

This simply means that once you are done, do not export your work immediately. Instead, save your work, close your computer and step away. It is best to always look at the product image with a fresh set of eyes after a day to ensure that your perception when working on the image was not skewed. Afterwards, make any final changes and adjustments.

There you go! 5 simple steps for retouching your product! It is always best to stay true to your product while keeping a close eye on industry trends, new techniques, and technologies. By mastering all of these steps, Product Photo retouching will be easier and highly enjoyable! After all, advertisers prefer to use the most professional product images to attract consumers. Photo retouching services & Processing is a step that ensures each image quality and helps to get high growth in the market.

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