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7 Uses of Photoshop Layer Blending Modes

The power of layers in Photoshop and how they interact with each other is simply amazing. Layer blending modes are useful in Photo Retouching Services. Not only do they make layers interact with each other but they also change how the overall image will display. Available in a variety of options, layer blending modes combine the base color and blend the color of an image in exceptional ways.

Here are 7 uses of Photoshop layer blending modes that will elevate your image and take it to the next level:

  1. Blends two or more layers together

When using the Photoshop layer blending modes, it is easy to blend two or more layers together. This happens by colorizing black and white images without affecting their lightness value. When retouching photos, these modes automatically allow the layers to interact with each other, hence, creating the best visual impact of the image. Many Professional Photo Editing Service Provider Companies use layer blending modes to add more interest to their images and make them outstanding. Merging layers also keep the images clean, organized and reduces their overall size.

  1. Dodging and burning

Dodging and burning allow for the editing of an image without affecting hue or saturation. Layer blending modes make this technique easy. While traditional printers may use tools and hand shapes for dodging and burning, Photoshop layer blending modes make it easy to target detailed areas faster and more accurately As such, it will be possible to provide a smoother appearance of the image and enhance its aesthetic value.

Dodging and burning in layer blending

  1. Combines light painted blend mode

The lighten blend modes lighten the image whenever the selected layer has pixel values lighter than black. The lighten, screen, color dodge, linear and lighter layer blending modes makes it possible to apply light textures that are captured on a dark background. When it comes to combining light painted images, these blending layer work flawlessly. It is also easy to apply selective sharpening and blend multiple exposures in order to make the image unique.

  1. Adds a fancy or grunge border to an image

Thanks to the adjustment layers and blend modes, it is easy to use the variation of white or black border themes. The borders can be changed with a single click or customized in with the variations that are available in the filter gallery. This enhances the appearance of the image and adds that fancy and grungy look.

a fancy or grunge border to an image

  1. Improves contrast of an image

The luminosity blend mode can be used to maintain the color of an image so that it does not look overly saturated. Offering a powerful and precise masking during the retouching process, the modes will add style and fix any color and tone issues. Depending on the lightness and darkness that you need, the improvement of saturation and contrast makes an image outstanding. Contrast can also bring a dull image to life.

  1. Adds density or darkens areas of an image

When performing Photo Retouching Services, Photoshop layer blending modes carefully look at the color information in each channel and select a darker blend of color for the base. Any pixels that are lighter than the blend color are replaced. However, pixels that are lighter than the blend color do not change. Darken and multiply are the most commonly used modes that add density to an image. They allow for the adjustment of layers, sharpening of darker edge colors and blending multiple exposures.

  1. Adds texture and pattern to an image

Layer blending modes offer a simple and powerful way to give an otherwise ordinary image more of an artistic and creative edge. Adding texture and pattern to an image automatically transforms it. The layer blend modes make it easy for a layer’s pixels to interact with the layers beneath it. Using these modes, it is also easy to remove any unwanted areas of texture to cover certain parts of the image.

During photo retouching services, blend modes can manipulate photos and create the perfect finished look. Creative professionals of levels can use the modes in fine-tuning photos and make solid adjustments that will take an image to the next level. As a powerful, non-destructive way to alter or add an important element to an image, Photoshop layer blending modes are reliable, deliberate, meticulous and mesmerizing. You can take help from a professional photo retouching service provider for layer blending modes.

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