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The Do’s and Don’ts of Fashion and Beauty Skin Retouching

When it comes to skin retouching, there is one rule of thumb, the more natural, the better Retouching can become a distraction if it is overdone. The best way to win an audience over is to keep your models looking their best while maintaining authenticity.

Practicing the Best Photo Retouching services is a photographer’s Holy Grail. Granted, there is a number of great skin retouching techniques. However, when they are put into practice, these do’s and don’ts should be taken into consideration:

The Do’s

  1. Do learn how to balance skin tones

Typically, our skin tones may not match our entire bodies. Our face may be lighter than our arms while our legs may be darker than our upper bodies. Learning how to match every part of the model’s body will ensure that the skin tone color is consistent.

This also helps the models to look their best in the photography. The Best Beauty Retouching Services companies understand the importance of setting a standard skin tone for all models. This ensures that consistency is also maintained across all images.

Maximize the Curves Tool in order to easily adjust the brightness and darkness of the skin. For instance, if the legs are darker than the upper body, then the bottom half can be brightened and the top half darkened. The Hue and saturation Tool also allows for the adjustment of the skin color hue selected.

  1. Do remove distracting skin markings

While this may prove challenging for a number of Fashion Retouching Techniques, practice does make perfect. The more you do it is the more you will understand what has to be removed.

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When removing skin markings, it is important to understand what is there all the time versus what should be visible sometimes. For instance, freckles on the models face should only be removed if they are distracting to the product. They are a natural part of the facial skin.

However, bruises and cuts should be removed because they are not naturally there all the time. Understanding this concept will immensely help with post production skin retouching. This can be done using the Healing Brush or Dodge and Burn tools.

  1. Do practice patience

Professionals who offer the best Beauty Retouching Services put in a lot of practice and patience in order to achieve their perfected looks. This cannot be done overnight. Connecting blemishes certainly requires a lot of time, effort, and patience.

You will obviously get it wrong within the first few trials but after a few trial and error experiences, you will learn to pay more attention to detail and eventually master the craft. Do not be discouraged. All you have to do is press the undo button and try again!

The Don’ts

  1. Don’t stop at contrast and brightness to retouch.

Brightness and contrast can work wonders for retouching, but don’t stop there! For the Best Photo Retouching services, ensure that can use all of the available warm and cool color hues in order to add or decrease the brightness level. Do not stop at the hue and saturation adjustment; there are a variety of adjustments that should be used to make the skin look exceptional.

  1. Don’t over-retouch!

When retouching a model’s skin, less is always more. It is important to keep the adjustment to a minimum in order for the photograph to be believable. Over-emphasizing will take away from the impression that is trying to be made. Only brush and darken areas that truly need it. Retouch cautiously until the desired look is achieved.

  1. Don’t choose an adjustment over an adjustment layer

At times, the adjustment mode may not be what you desired. The process of starting this all over again can be a little tedious and discouraging. However, you can simply choose to delete the adjustment layer and try again. This not only saves time but also avoids the possible loss of a serious amount of work.

The Take Away

Always remember to balance skin tones and remove any unnatural skin markings in order to get the skin retouching consistency that you are looking for. It is important to be productive in your post production processing. This is the only way to achieve all your goals.

Skin retouching is all about what works best versus what does not. If you want to finish your work with that overall refined feeling then you should pay attention to these do’s and don’ts. They will add depth and realize to your final image.

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