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5 Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 to make Photo Editing Easier

With Adobe Photoshop you can provide photo retouching services with quality and precision guaranteed. It is referred to as the world’s best imaging and design app that is at the center of various projects that require creativity. Supported in devices such as computers and mobile phones it is essential in the enhancement and creation of photographs, 3-dimensional artwork, videos/films, websites and mobile app designs and many others at hand.

Skills on using the app can be acquired from this link:, This Link is very helpful especially if you have no idea of how to access and use the Photoshop platform. It has been upgraded since 2017 to promote its use and enhance the features.

The Adobe Company has been pushing for a steady stream of updates ever since it started with its Creative Cloud subscription service. Some of the most interesting new improvements include the addition of an app-wide search functionality which is an engine for tools and presets to images in Adobe Stock especially for those tools that are not used frequently. It is used in the retouching services which involves photo correction on the white balance, brightness, color, contrast, cropping, and photo-editing.

The following are some of the new features used especially in photo retouching;

  1. Touch Bar support for the MacBook Pro

This enhancement is meant to enable accessibility to important features in the new version of the Mac Book Pro. One can choose commands, change colors and the blending modes and access other commands with just a touch. This has modernized the app making it much easier to use and more attractive.

  1. Improved all round performance

Performance improvement has enabled the Photoshop to work with higher levels of efficiency. This includes features such as the Liquefy tool( applied to 16-bits per- channel or 8-bits per- channel) which lets you push, rotate, pull, pucker, reflect and bloat any part of a picture. It is a very powerful tool when it comes to creating enhanced artistic effects and retouching images

  1. Masking Space and selection

The new dedicated workspace aid in the making of accurate selections and masks in the easiest of ways like never before. One can use specified tools such as Refine Edge Brush to cleanly separate foreground and background items in a setting. This tool is especially useful when providing Clipping path services where furry or hairy subjects have to be extracted.

  1. Acceleration of day to day tasks

Accessing and opening documents has been fastened ensuring the delivery of great response rates and the Content-Aware gets filled up with speeds of up to 3 times faster and the font menu displays the options of fonts 4 times faster. This is an efficiency enhanced improvement which saves on time by faster reactions to commands.

  1. Enhanced Artboards

This has promoted duplication of a layer or a group of layers into other boards, viewing of art boards with transparent backgrounds and modifying the backgrounds. This assists in clipping path services which involve removing the background, photo editing and image masking for 2D diagrams or images.

  1. Content-Aware crop

This can be used to fill in the blanks or gaps intelligently when using the crop tool to rotate an image or expand the image beyond its original size. It ensures that the image looks as real as possible and much like the original and also enhanced.

  1. The Face aware liquefy tool

It adjusts the individual eyes independently for more control. It also aids in the application of symmetrical effects to the eye, enhancing uniformity or a desirable outcome.

  1. Access to numerous stock images 

It gives an access to 40 million stock images through integration into Linked Asserts and Creative Cloud Libraries.

  1. Dehaze Tool

The feature removes fog or haze from the image with the click of a button. Based on a physical model that tries to “estimate the amount of light transmission and how it varies across the picture” — it is said by Photoshop’s Pam Clark — Dehaze can dramatically improve image details and color saturation without having to resort to masking

  1. Turbocharged Patch tool and Spot-Healing brush

The heal brushing has been made to operate real time with faster speeds than in CS6. The Adobe Photoshop is focused on the smaller improvements which may not be noticeable at times rather than bigger enhancements which may have issues in the long-run. This tool comes in handy when providing Product retouching services as dust, fingerprints etc can easily be cleaned from the product.

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