Shooting Apparels on a Dummy!!

When it comes to selling apparels online, what is conveyed onto the computer screen is all that matters. If you want to increase your sales dramatically, you need to put a little effort into visual merchandising. This means you will need to catch the customer’s attention, by having a high quality consistent and appealing images of your apparel. A lousy presentation means low conversion rates and of course loss of profits.

One common way to present your apparel is through shooting apparel on a dummy. But what are the implications of this? Is it effective as it seems?

Simple set-up. Shooting apparel on a dummy requires relatively simple photography set up, but to create high-quality photographs you need to shoot in a studio setting. The lower the quality and less appealing your product will be.

A more striking image. One of the main advantages of photographing clothing a model is that it creates a more striking image not to mention the clothing will lay correctly. You can use the model the way you want. You can shoot it in a static pose, and you can choose the one that fits your apparel.

Helps customers visualize the apparel as if worn. The photography heightens the visual impact of the apparel by making look the way it will be when worn. Styling the model to look as if its worn require a great deal of work, but the product will look more flattering and may create a cross-sell as well as upsell opportunities.

Post Production. Techniques like Creating a Hollowman effect by experienced product retouching professionals can vastly improve the look and feel of the product.

Cost Effective. A singly dummy can be used for a variety of apparels e.g. Tops, Shirts, Lingerie etc thus saving money on hiring costly models, makeup and styling artists etc.

Product Photo Retouching services allows you to get rid of imperfections, flaws, and errors from the photography without compromising the artistic appeal of the photograph. It will allow you apparel to look elegant, appealing and just fantastic.

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