How to Sell More through Product Images?

Ever wonder how big companies make more sales on eCommerce products? Almost all companies use the same techniques to sell, but only a few of them stand out. Let me break it to you. The secret to high sales is in the nuances in presenting the product images. 

eCommerce sites run on the fact that people buy products that are more visually appealing. Why would someone buy a product with a blurry image or has a distracting background? Customers look for clear and pleasant looking products. Photographers and eCommerce platforms often hire product image retouching services for giving final touches to the product images.  

Ways to boost sales with better product images

If your product image is aesthetically pleasing, the chances to increase your brand value and sell more products are higher. As a seller, your aim must be to capture the product in its true colors and dimensions. 

Display the products realistically

When customers visit stores to buy, all their senses are present to experience the product. And to give that feeling in an online store is challenging. You must display the products as if the product is in front of them. Do not go overboard with the product size. Give them enough room to zoom. Set the products according to the page view, keeping in mind that the customer can view the product on multiple devices. 

360-degree product viewing

In a virtual store, it isn’t easy to experience the product the way we experience it in an actual store. Products cannot activate the touch and feel senses visually online. The solution to this problem is 360 Degree product photography. Many product editing services are ready to create a 360-degree view of your product. Taking a video of the product on a rotating base also serves the purpose. This gives an immersive experience to the customer and also improves your website’s SEO.

Take photos from all sides.

Arranging the images in order to maneuver through the product images smoothly gives you an edge over your competitors. Experiment with all angles. In fact, provide product viewing from all sides.

Use lifestyle shots

Personalization of products is one of the most significant ways to draw attention. Lifestyle shots help customers visualize themselves using the product. For example, if you are presenting shoes, picture a person running, climbing, or styling with the shoes. Personalization shows versatility in the product, and the product will be sold. If your competitors are not personalizing their brand, then it is time you show them how it is done.

Show color variants

The more the number of product photos, the happier the customers. Instead of mentioning the different colors you offer, show them the pictures of the different colors of the product. Customers can now visualize the product better and create a good opinion of the brand.

Show the products in use.

Have you ever looked at a product and wondered what else you could do with it? It is what your customers would also feel when they view your products online. Try to show multiple uses of the product apart from the basic use it was made for. For example, a Bandana has various uses. It can be used as a hairband, face mask, beanie, balaclava, or hood. Showing pictures of multiple uses of the product attracts the customer to try the product.

Mention the product dimensions using graphics

This is something of a dire need to the customer. Buying stuff online and predicting its dimensions is difficult, especially in the case of apparel. Provide sizing charts that include measurements of both men and women. Show illustrations of how to measure oneself and compare with the charts. Then, they should be able to choose the best fit for their personality. Giving a visual reference lets the customer feel comfortable with their purchase, and it also reduces the chances of returning the product.  

Prevent lighting issues

Setting the color balance with color corrections is crucial in product images. It gives authenticity to the product and the brand. As a photographer, you shall decide all the factors related to the studio or outdoor lighting. When setting an indoor shoot, adjust the artificial lighting to get the best out of the products. The product’s presentation should be professional, so be consistent with the location of the product shoot. If you capture a person with the product, it’s best to blend artificial lighting with more natural light. However, lifestyle shots need not have a white background. Setting the theme in a natural environment does the job.

Use clean background

Products should be presented on a clean and uncluttered background. Choose backgrounds that are less distracting such as the white background or something that blends with the website. Maintain consistency throughout all products while taking photos to focus on the subject. 

Use good cameras

Setting the studio includes choosing suitable cameras for the shoot. Even if you know your photos will go through professional editing later, try taking the best photo possible. Initially, putting effort into using the correct camera settings will save you a lot of time trying to figure out what went wrong.

Apply image SEO

Understand and try to implement image SEO. Just like your websites have SEO and metadata, your product images should also follow image SEO.

Try reducing the image’s file size without disrupting the quality. This makes your images load faster. Also, it lets your product images rank higher on image search engines while boosting your website’s ranking. 

Hire photo editing services or freelancers

No amount of good cameras and photographers can get you polished product images. You need the help of professional photo retouching services or freelancers. They use image editing software to work on cropping, exposure, image distortions, background replacement, color correction, etc. Explain to them about your photo requirements, and you are ready to publish!

Finally, match the visuals to the product. Customers feel betrayed if the product is different from the images. Odds are you could lose customers and get bad reviews. So it’s important you show people exactly what they are buying.

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