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Has Image Retouching Killed the Art of Photography?

Over the years, the question of whether the art of photography has been affected by photo retouching has emerged. Not long ago, producing images with a camera was a revered skill that not many possessed. Over time, however, digital retouching has also become an undeniable way of producing magnificent pieces of art. The question of the relevance of photography in the modern world ruled by photo retouching services has become inevitable. But has photo retouching really killed the revered art of photography? We will seek the answer to that question by looking at various aspects of picture images that may or may not have changed.

The Quality of Pictures

One of the main advantages of retouching is the ability to change the quality of a raw image. Through techniques like image enhancement and color correction, it is possible to bring an unprecedented quality to the picture. On the downside, the quality of the picture may also be affected negatively when this skill is poorly used or excessively used. A good photographer, on the other hand, is able to tell a story through the picture despite the quality of a picture. As long as the desired aspects of the picture are visible, even dated pictures can tell a story for a very long time.

The Authenticity of Pictures

When it comes to authenticity, Photo Retouching services can affect the picture in different ways. Retouching a photo can leave some traces digital manipulation. In addition, the veracity and accuracy of the different aspects of the photograph can be compromised by poor manipulation techniques. In such an instance, the authenticity of the photo becomes questionable. Authentic photographs mostly have no value or use in journalism, art or any other field that relies on pictures. The most appreciable aspect of raw creativity in photography is the fact that the resultant image is wholly authentic.

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The Artistic Aspect

The most important aspect of image production is that it is an art form. Whether the image is achieved through raw photography skill or retouching skill, there is no denying that a good piece of art is always pleasing to the eyes. At the end of the day, even the most talented photographer cannot rectify certain aspects of the photo – especially those that pertain to inhibiting surroundings. Neither can the most talented photo editor correct inherent flaws that might particularly affect the positioning during the photography. A good photographer must put their best foot forward in order to produce a nice piece of work, and the same is true for a commendable editor.


On one side, photo retouching services have killed the art of photography, and on the other hand, they have merely improved it. There are some qualities you cannot simply achieve through photography. While photography is merely about capturing moments and telling a story through images, retouching is all about enhancing expression or augmenting particular aspects and qualities of an image. The two kinds of art are therefore quite related although they might have different outcomes at times. Evolution is inevitable and at the end of the day, it all boils down to raw creativity where the desired qualities are achieved and maintained.

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