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5 Mistakes to Avoid While Doing Real Estate Photography

These days, people usually take a look at real estate photos before they even consider a home that they might end up buying. Bad real estate photos can cost a homeowner both a showing and even the sales price they are demanding. Compared to agent comes and property descriptions, buyers usually spend most of their time viewing the real estate photos.

The reason that real estate photos do not turn out good is that of the mistakes that are typically made by the photographer. Here are 5 such common real estate photography mistakes that can and should be avoided in order to improve the chances of selling the property.

1 To Avoid: Bad Lighting

While there is no doubt that the foremost selling point of a real estate property is its location, lighting tends to matter a lot in real estate photographs. Lighting is one of the factors that separate good real estate photos from bad ones. If the light is not enough, the photos may appear blurry, dark and grainy. If the light is too much, the photos may appear overexposed. One way to balance indoor light in the various rooms of a home is to use an external flash. Curtains can also be opened to let in the natural light, but the photos should be clicked away from the windows.

2 To Avoid: Blurry Photos

Somewhat related to the above, blurry photos are often a result of insufficient lighting, but that is not all. Photos also tend to be blurry when the camera flash is not used or the camera is not perfectly still. Blurry photos look unprofessional and give the same impression of the home. Apart from ensuring that the lighting is adequate, the best way to avoid blurry photos to keep the camera perfectly steady and still, such as by using a tripod. For interior photos, the tripod should be at about chest height.

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3 To Avoid: Crowded Rooms

Usually, camera lenses merely capture anywhere between 6 and 10 feet of a room, which means the complete depth and space of rooms in a home are often not captures. This is particularly true if a photo is being taken from an unusual angle, resulting photos that only display a partial view of a room, making the room appear smaller even if it is not. Therefore, interior photos of rooms should be framed such that all three walls in a room are captured, increasing the balanced and scale seen in the photo. A wide-angle camera lens can be purchased to achieve this. Another solution is stand in one corner and take photos of various angles.

4 To Avoid: Improperly Framed Exterior

Bad real estate photos of the exterior of a home are often taken directly in front it, which is not recommended. Another mistake that is often made is to take exterior photos from a farther distance away from the home, resulting in the surrounding area unnecessarily appearing in the photo. Photos that are too wide may even make a home look smaller. To avoid this, exterior photos should be taken from the side of the house and the focus should be tightened onto just the house itself. Use of a tripod is also recommended and taking exterior photos in mid-afternoon should be avoided.

5 To Avoid: Not Hiring Professional Photo Retouching Services

While it is also a mistake to not hire a professional photographer, this mistake can be forgiven by eventually making the most real estate retouching services. Retouching can make all the difference between a good and a bad real estate photo. Not only do real estate photo retouching experts have a keen eye, they also happen to be well-skilled in the use of retouching software, such as Adobe Photoshop. Companies that provide Real Estate photo retouching services actually have an entire team of experts that use the latest software to truly enhance and add new life to the photos of a property that have been taken.


It must be kept in mind that before a showing even takes place, it is the real estate photo retouching services that captivate buyers. Therefore, in order to attract worthwhile buyers to consider a property that is on sale, it is critical to avoid common real estate photography mistakes like the ones above.

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