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6 Ways in Which Product Photos With White Background Attract More Views

 Does a Product Photo with white background increase conversion rate?

With advancement in technology gracing us with the gift of Photoshop, product retouching services have become pretty much limitless. These allow people to manipulate images and retouch photos for improved aesthetics whether it is a family portrait or a product ad for your business. One such service is the clipping path service. This is a Photoshop technique that allows the user to separate the image from its background and replace the latter with something more suitable. In this case, white backgrounds are the replacement of choice with most companies that offer Clipping path services. This is because products on such backgrounds attract more views. So how do the white backgrounds achieve this?

  1. White backgrounds help define product shape and contours

Replacement of the product’s original background with white is one of the best ways to define the product’s shape and contours. This allows those who view the image to appreciate the design and subtle features of the item. Using a white background also eliminates shadowing thus contributing further to the better image definition and clarity.

  1. It does not distract the viewer from the product

If you have an image set against a colored background or one with patterns, chances are the background will distract the viewer from the product and in some cases it might even steal the show. Using a white background eliminates the chances of this happens ensuring that the viewer has nothing else to look at but the product on the photo. This, in turn, attracts a significantly higher number of views with peaked interest in the product itself.

  1. It increases readability with print text

Sometimes, clipping path retouch services are applied on photographs with print text. In this case, white backgrounds are without a doubt the best way to ensure that viewers are not only attracted to the ad but that they also get to read what is on it. This also allows you the freedom to work with pretty much any text color or font as you do not have to worry about the text not being legible to viewers. This improved readability makes white backgrounds great if you are working on attracting more views.

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  1. It gives a bright and inviting atmosphere

White is one of those colors that everyone associated with cleanliness, order and tranquility. Therefore, using white as the background when retouching product images ensures that the final results enjoy the very same benefits. This means that the photo will give of an inviting feel increasing viewer interest and attention.

  1. It provides sharp contrast for clearer images

You know that old saying that white goes with everything? It couldn’t possibly be any truer. The reason for this is the fact that the optical nature of white allows it to contrast with every other color there is. This means that whether it is a black camera or a bright yellow dress on the photograph, there will be sharp contrast. The result here is clearer images allowing the viewer to appreciate the design, lines and cuts on the product. The contrast and clarity provided by using white therefore ensures that you capture the attention of anyone who sets eyes on the final product of the retouch.

  1. It is a neutral color

White is neutral in all imaginable ways. First and foremost, the environment it creates is neutral. This means that you can use the white background to relay an important and formal message or for something fun and free. White also happens to be a gender neutral color. This comes in handy when you are dealing with gender specific items such as clothes and accessories. This neutrality ensures that whatever message you want to pass is passed without offending or excluding any of the viewers.

Bottom line

After all is said and done, it is difficult to deny the superior advantage offered by using a white background when retouching product images. The 6 pros of using the background are bound to increase viewership thus making the investment more than worth it. Therefore, if you are in the market for the Best photo retouching company, keep an eye out for those who recognize and appreciate the importance of using white backgrounds with their clipping path services.

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