Fashion Retouching POV (Step by Step Guide!)

As digital editor of photographs or a professional photographer you have quite a bit of power. The way that your work is seen by the viewer and how he perceives his or herself in relation to your work normally depends on you. It’s, therefore, your job to create accurate depictions of the things and the people that you photograph. If you want to become a skilled retoucher, you need to know when too much is too much. You also need to train your eye to discern the difference between visually poor photo retouching service and quality fashion retouching.

Are you responsible to the clients only or the audience as well?
If you are a photographer, chances are you are making the photographs for the client who has specific intentions and needs. While the client might not take the audience perception into account, it’s vital to ask early what you are willing to photograph and where to draw the ethical lines. This means, in addition to your clients, you also have a responsibility to those who view your photos.


How to deal with the makeup, hair, and lightning
Before you even start moving pixels around the skin you should know that there are several other techniques for changing the images of people on the camera. For instance, you can use a dramatic makeup and an elaborate hair styling. You can also use lighting to accentuate the best part of the person and carefully hide the unsightly parts. More so, you can pose people in the ways that make them look the youngest, thinnest, and the most vibrant. What about filling in the eyelashes, digitally adding the makeup and brightening the eyes or the teeth?


Mistakes to avoid
Eyes and teeth should not lose realism- Since the eyes are the most magnetic aspect of beauty, portrait and fashion imagery, they should not lose realism. The same applies to the teeth. Because, over whitened teeth can lose realistic hues and textures, if you paint them with perfect white they will often look unappealing and yellow.


Watch out for overly distorted shapes- While the client may request that the subjects are enhanced or slimed down, if the final results ignores the laws of anatomy and physical features then most viewers will instantly realize that something is wrong. When it comes to realistically manipulating physics, learning about the anatomy is very important.

Focus on 3 dimensions– Whether it’s your subjects limbs or make up details of the face, you need to focus on how shadows appear on the final product. Is there a noticeable difference between the background and the subject? Do the nose and the lips appear to lack shape in fashion photo retouching services?


Avoid using improper saturation colors and contrast- Improper color management during photo retouching service can not only remove the details but also shift the colors. A high key portrait that is color graded with blue or green may make the subject appear sickly, while warm tones can make your efforts appear cheap.

Wrap up
if you are committed to getting polished products then you need to be careful and avoid these mistakes. You never want to look at your published work and think that it’s not the best. If need be, pace yourself but make sure you commit to a consistent level and fashion retouching services and produce an excellent work.

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