Do professional photographers edit their photos?

Did you know almost every photo out there is manipulated? Well, nobody likes pictures that are not appealing. And it is not a big deal nowadays for photographers to edit or retouch their photos. The photos are either edited by themselves or outsourced to photo retouching services. 

If you are a beginner in photography, this blog will clear your mind about the postprocessing of photos. The postprocessing includes culling, editing, and Photos Retouching . Editing is image alteration by enhancing colors and contrast. Retouching is the final touch to the edited images to add essence to the images and make them lifelike.

Why do photographers edit? 

In this day and age, we have cameras for almost every type of photography. The cameras have the inbuilt option to capture the best images. Nevertheless, editing is a must for an extraordinary photo. Photo editing has been a common practice for decades. Nowadays, professional Product Photo Retouching Services use Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop to edit and retouch their photos. 

Photographers create their shooting environment ideally to reduce their editing time. However, sometimes bad lighting or weather conditions, or even unavailability of the best cameras make their efforts go in vain. They will have to shoot in RAW and then do the post-production. These situations, in turn, increase the editing and turnaround time. 

Why do photographers shoot in RAW format?

Photographers shoot the photos in RAW format(a digital negative). It gives photographers a lot more versatility and control over the photos. Taking pictures in other formats such as JPG reduces the high-quality details from the Photos Retouching images. The RAW format captures all the colors and contrasts from the camera’s sensor. 

Colors might look dull and desaturated in RAW format, though the camera captures all the hues. We can then transform RAW images into jpg and png formats for editing. 

When do they edit? 

Photographers edit when they want to display emotions accurately on the photo. The editing/retouching styles are different for all professional photographers. And this factor makes them unique. Few professional photographers shoot photos without having to edit them. The pictures are illusory captured, and it is hard to guess if they are natural or edited. 

On the other hand, editing is painfully time taking. So photographers shift their share of work to outsourcing. They might lose control of what they have captured. If you find a good photo editing/retouching service or a freelancer whose work matches your expertise, then it is a benefit worth taking. Outsourcing takes money out of your pocket but saves a lot of time. In the long run, photographers click more pictures and gain more customers. 

How much do photographers edit?

The answer is simple. Professional photographers edit the photos to the extent where the viewer sees the photo as artistic perfection. Photographers can work the photos in three standards;

  1. No editing of photos- present the photos unedited for a natural look.
  2. Simple editing/ touch up
  3. Heavy editing 

Apart from these types of editing, there is an artistic touch. Photographers want their photos to have a visual watermark. They want the audience to feel their creation. So they sometimes spend hours editing one image.

How much time do photographers spend editing/retouching?

When it comes to editing/retouching bulk photos, time is money. Photographers do not waste their time editing one image to perfection.

They have automated actions and presets to edit the common and repetitive photos. 

For professional Product Photo Retouching Services photography such as wedding photography, photographers edit the photos themselves. It takes around 5-15 minutes to do the basic editing. Depending on the complexity of the photo, time varies from a few minutes to an hour sometimes. Since they are professional photographers, they can visualize the changes beforehand and estimate the turnaround time. The same goes for outsourcing too. Eventually, transform the normal images into perfect images.

Here is a checklist for editing/retouching photos like a pro!

  • Cropping, straightening, and resizing– Cropping photos to remove unwanted objects is essential. This type of cropping can be done using the clipping path tool. If the photo’s focus is not on the subject, we can crop the corners to center the subject.

Straightening is done to straighten the tilt in photos. Some photos are taken at certain angles to get the perfect view, but such angles are not the correct fit for publication. Hence photos are straightened with the crop tool. For complex images, you could use the content-aware fill while cropping and straightening. Resizing is also part of the eCommerce image editing of photos. It helps in adjusting the height and width of the picture to make the subject engaging.

  • White/Black Balance– The White Balance element affects the spirit of the photo considerably. Adjusting the White Balance rightly lets us identify the story behind the picture. It also allows us to change the skin tones of people. 

Different lighting conditions affect the colors in the photo. We can adjust the White Balance using the Eyedropper tool by selecting a spot that is supposed to look white/grey/black. Experimenting with various spots, we choose the most appealing tone for the photo.

  • Sharpening- It is a very crucial step in editing photos to highlight the key elements. eCommerce image editing need to be enhanced to catch the viewer’s attention quickly. We can add the sharpness by selecting Filters > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask and adjusting the sharpness slider.
  • Color correction and contrast adjustment- The last step in the basic editing of photos is color correction. It is an extension to the white balance, which mostly focuses on the undertones and overtones of colors. We can add color correction by selectingImage > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast. 

Photo Retouching Services

The beauty industry cannot survive without fashion retouching. The marketing industry has shifted towards online sales and relies heavily on photo editing and photo retouching services. 

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