5 Awesome Product Photography Ideas for ecommerce websites


A product image is essential to an online store. A clear, high-quality photo can help shoppers decide whether they want to purchase your product while displaying a representative image of the result. If a potential buyer cannot see your product photo, they will likely move on and find another company with more appealing products. Even if the two products are identical, an unprofessional-looking photo may make you seem less trustworthy. In this article we shall discuss some tips that will help you create astonishing product images.

1.  Choose the Right Background

ECommerce photography can be challenging. You must consider several factors related to composition, lighting and texturing. Another thing that must be considered is the background of your product photography. This is the area of composition, lighting, and textures. Have you ever thought about your background? If not, don’t worry – here are some suggestions for creating a great background for your product photos:

Do not use ordinary backgrounds that are found around you. These helps bring out unnecessary colors in your photos, making them look dull instead of beautiful. Instead, go for something different and interesting – preferably natural or geometric patterns that will not be distracting from your product.

There are a lot of texture generators online, where you can create an image of the texture you want – it just takes one click. These textures are ideal for product photography, and they give a great background to your photos. A good example is TextureMaker.com. You can upload any photo, which will then be converted into a seamless pattern that looks great in design or on top of product photos.

2.  Lifestyle Shots

Every product has a story behind it and a reason why it was made. Lifestyle photography demonstrates the culture of the product and how to use it. Take your customer on an imaginative journey. Imagine yourself using the product and taking photos from this point of view. Show how it is used in the real world and you will be closer to a great lifestyle shot.

How does it work?

Lifestyle photography can be divided into two categories: a close-up product shot or a shot of the product next to something. Here are some examples of each type that can help you understand what we’re talking about: A close shot – as a customer, you may want to know more about your products, so including lifestyle photography is perfect for you.

3.  Group product photos

Like lifestyle photography, group product photos provide useful information about the product and its uses. A group shot is a lot more complicated than a lifestyle shot, since it includes several products, so this type of photography needs to be well thought out and planned. Consider these tips for creating stunning group shots:

When making a group shot, pay attention to placement of each item and do not put two similar products next to each other. Keep in mind that the purpose of such photos is to show how different items can be used together.

4.  Scale shots

Scale shots are a great way to demonstrate how big or small a product is. They can be either horizontal or vertical and can include several products if necessary. For example, if you have a scale shot of a smartphone, a girl’s hand can be used in the photo to show how small it is. In addition, scale shots are also very helpful for consumers who are not familiar with certain objects and may not understand their size.

Here are 4 tips for creating stunning scale shots:

Make sure that nothing is cut off or hidden – nothing should be left to the imagination. You want your photos to be 100% clear so the customer can see what they’re getting from the start.

Take multiple photos of the same subject in different places.

Change the angle and move around a little bit. It will look more realistic and not cut off from the rest of your photo.

Use a black background for photos that must be white, so this does not ruin your photo. Your background will blend into the photograph better if you do this for scale shots.

Test out how it looks before taking any photos – try positioning, angles, and lighting to make sure you get perfect results every time.

5.  Close up shots of detail

Close up photos are essential for showing the quality of the product and its details. This type of photography is good for products that cannot be photographed on a table – objects that require more description, like jewelry, clothes and so on. The goal is to capture all the small details and make them clearly visible in the shot. Product Photo retouching services are useful for this type of photography.


Photo retouching services have come a long way in the last 10 years. Using free photo editing software and affordable photo retouching services can produce stunning results that will make your product photography stand out from the crowd.

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