Ghost Mannequin

What is Ghost Mannequin technique?

Ghost mannequin is a technique in photography that creates the effect of an invisible man dressing an apparel to give life to the appearance of that apparel. It is mainly used in online clothes selling to give that extra expression of how the outfit would look when worn. The technique makes the clothing more appealing than having flat photos of outfits especially after photo retouching services is done by a quality photo studio.

How it’s executed in a Studio?

Ghost technique or invisible man technique is done in a photography retouching studio using various types and sizes of mannequins to which the apparel will be dressed for a photo shoot. Photo editing then follows where the final mixing and retouching is done using processing and editing software to give the final desired image of the apparel.

Using a mannequin has more advantage than using a live model for the reason that the mannequin is able to maintain the same posture throughout the photo shoot even after the numerous rotations to help take the photos from different angles and sides. The mannequin is also capable to maintain the smoothness of the outfit on its surface following the pinning and setting have done making the photographed apparel appear smooth and clean. Thus it is more appealing.

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The process starts with preparing the studio which composes of setting the space where the photos are to be taken, preparing the mannequins and dressing them in the outfit to be photographed and setting the cameras for the photo shoot.

Dressing the mannequin requires skill and keenness in order to provide the desired apparel photo which will also allow easier product photo retouching services. Also, each outfit requires the right body size and length of the mannequin to allow all details to be photographed.

Sometimes the apparel is wider or requires numerous clippings to produce the exact design of the worn outfit in the photos. In this situation, the photographer and their assistants make use of pins and clips to make sure that everything is set with the design of the apparel.

After the outfit on the mannequin, it is set for professional apparel photo shooting. The photos are taken first with the front of the mannequin facing the camera. This photo is taken normally as you would take it on a live model and not much is done. However, for the back, the photographer first takes the photo of the apparel in its inside-out appearance to allow visibility of the apparel tag during joining and retouching. They also do this to ensure that any other feature that should be seen on the inside back from the front is visible to give much clarity to the
apparel design.

Ghost Mannequin

With all the photos taken from all the side, the process now shifts to transferring them to a computer where mixing, joining and retouching is to be done. Joining the different parts of the photos are done in photo editing and retouching software such as Adobe Photoshop. The aim of this editing is to bring together all the parts of the apparel into one and to eliminate the visibility of the mannequin providing the invisible man effect. A couple of tools are used in this process and includes tracing the outfit, cutting it from the mannequin and joining it with its other parts. The process requires time, skill and keenness of the eye while working.

After all the apparel parts have been joined together the photographer then dives into making every detail look clean and appearing by retouching the different areas of the photo. This includes smoothing the edges and giving the photo the best background making sure every part that is to be visible is noticeable and shows out smooth and clean.

What kind of products can be photographed using this technique?

All types of apparels for eCommerce purpose can be photographed using this technique to give life to their appearance and to help the buyer have clarity of every detail of the outfit. One can photograph T-shirts, tops, sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets, trousers, lingerie, suits, shirts and all other types of apparel that are to be sold online with this technique. With a good photography studio, the only adjustments needed are the types and sizes of mannequins.

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How Photo Retouching helps in giving the perfect output?

Every detail counts when displaying the apparel photos online for the buyers to see, be attracted and buy. Photo retoucher helps bring out every of these needed details smooth and clean to make sure that the apparel or product appeals to the buyer as desired and ensure they get to notice every feature before they buy. This also ensures that the seller will not get asked too many questions about what are the unseen features of the apparel and also avoid too many returns as the buyer can see all he or she is buying clearly

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