E-commerce Product Photo Retouching Services

E-commerce products thrive on visual attention. Businesses need top-notch product photos to captivate the viewer. And to convert ordinary photos to persuading ones, you need qualified photo retouching services. Our ecommerce image editing professionals work to provide you with perfect photos that look realistic. We provide product image retouching services from basic clean-up to advanced photo retouching such as ghost mannequins, 360 Degree animation editing, etc., at reasonable and affordable prices.

Product Photo retouching product photo retouching
Shadow and Reflection

Often studio lighting messes up the product's shadows. Natural shadows tend to fade or do not show up properly due to insufficient lighting. Sometimes shadows form abnormally, or no shadow shows up. This happens when photographing with heavy lighting. We create shadows that match your products to render a finishing touch. We also add reflections to products with glass or metal surfaces, remove unwanted reflections, and add visual effects to the product to make it more appealing to the eyes.

product photo retouching product photo retouching
Apparel Shaping

Apparel product photo editing services deals with deformity and distortions of the apparel. During shoots, photographers have to deal with all kinds of fabrics. Also, the clothes tend to get wrinkly while pinning or taping them to backgrounds. This issue can bring down the aesthetics of the product. With our expert photo retouching service, you get wrinkle-free ironed apparel that looks presentable and attractive. We remove lint, fabric strings, and other distortions like folded sleeves/hemlines, cuff flaring, etc.

product photo retouching product photo retouching

Hollowman is also known as the Ghost Mannequin representation of apparel. As the dummy wears the garment, we combine multiple photos of the product and edit the dummy leaving only the apparel. This technique helps visualize how clothes look when we wear them. We take care of the neck-joint effects and remove creases and foldings on the apparel giving it a 3D effect.

product photo retouching product photo retouching

Showcasing the same product with color variants saves time and effort to shoot each color variant of a product. Instead, with our photo retouching service, you can get real-life-looking E-commerce product retouching services from one variant only! Re-coloring generates various color versions of a product reducing the hassle of shooting many photos of a single product. Our experts can retouch the product with accurate color shades and multiple patterns.

360 Degree

360 Degree animation is a smart viewing method where a product is turned to provide a 3D spin view. It requires combining multiple frames of the captured product and making a 360-degree animation to bring forth the product as if it is right in front of the person. To make a 360 Degree display, we require a maximum of 30 photos presenting the product from different angles. Our professional retouchers maintain uniformity in the animation to prevent glitches while turning the product.

product photo retouching product photo retouching
Image Compositing

Image composition is combining multiple images to form one marvelous image. It is widely used in creating compositions of creative advertisements, wedding/group photos, etc., to tell a story. Features such as resolution and symmetry are key to a perfectly composited ecommerce image.

We at Digi5Studios provide artistic detailing to the compositions making the photos appealing to customers. We make sure every detail of the product is restored, giving it a stunning appeal.



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Product Photo Retouching Services - FAQ

Product photo retouching is the manipulation of photos to make products attractive and drive sales. It is required by businesses to promote their products and display them on websites. Retouching the product photos increases the visual impression of the product. Experts at Digi5Studios work on basic photo retouching to advanced photo retouching hassle-free.

Digi5Studios offers multiple product photo retouching services at a competitive price. The services include Shadow and Reflection, Apparel Shaping, Hollowman, Re-coloring, 360 Degree, Image Compositing. We specialize in removing lint, fabric strings, and other distortions on the apparel. Our professionals make sure your images are one of a kind and attract interest to your business.

We believe marketing is a crucial step for businesses. And with the help of product photo editing and retouching services, you can promote your products and upscale your business goals. You will require photo retouching services to display products on websites. Retouching helps products to look attractive to customers and persuade them to purchase the product.

Submit us your images for product photo retouching services, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the best possible quote. Our product retouching prices start from 0.50USD per photo. Try our services to experience our quality work and dedication to perfection with a faster turnaround time.

Digi5 Studios has been successfully offering photoshop services to some of the best companies from around the world. We have worked on millions of images ever since our company's establishment in 2009.

Many online retail companies use our services for retouching electronics, jewelry, apparels, furniture etc. by getting the images of their products enhanced. Digi5 Studios has been successfully offering Photoshop services to some of the best companies from around the world.